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draws the cute stuff
United States
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Current Residence: prism city,mid red district,block 7
Operating System: windows XP..and now MAC OSX too ^w^
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Shell of choice: that blue leader shell(but not when im in first!)
Wallpaper of choice: Puchiko
Skin of choice: uhhh...mine?
Favourite cartoon character: Puchiko (petit charat)
Personal Quote: ADVENTURE!!!!!
need some advice and such from the more tech-savvy of you out there since i dont wanna end up making the wrong decision.

as you may know,my current machine is rather aged and getting gradually more junky as time goes on,a bit back the videocard burned out and while i was able to replace it,it was a bit of a wakeup call for me since i dont have a backup or anything if my desktop just died on me or something,which has been the reason ive been running those adoptables and my current YCH auction in attempts to raise funds for a basic,but not desktop with windows 7 (currently running XP,which is starting to cause problems) so id like some opinions on this machine ive had my eye on and if its a decent machine or not that can also run games somewhat decent (dont need a hyper awesome gaming rig,just want something with a bit of grunt to put the new videocard and maybe some more memory into later)

ive been looking at this:…

any and all advice is appreciated.

now i cant afford it now,even with recent auctions and whatnot im still only nearly halfway to the price of it,i do have one more YCH planned,but im sure everyone is tired of of me putting up things wanting money to draw things or adopt old characters,but its all i can really do for the most part right now,any and all help is greatly appreciated,be it general advice on the system i linked above,or financial help to help afford it,be it commissions,art-slaving,donations or otherwise,just anything helps really.
i dont know why im getting a feeling of desperation about all this,but i am,so im sorry if im coming off as desperate or annoying.

I will always appreciate everyone enjoying my stuff,sometimes its the only thing that gets me through the day.


cheko's beach body by Arakasa
cheko's beach body
turns out its the same as her normal body,that is to say,majorly fat and adorable.

its hot and summer and even though you can beat the heat at the beach,sometimes all the fun (and food) can tire ya out,so cheko is takin a snooze,prolly half shaded by a large beach umbrella,and tummy full of yum yums.

debated with myself if i was going to color this or not,but sometimes when that happens i end up sitting on the picture till i forget about it,so i figured i better post it,that and i have several things in that sort of state and i dont like not posting regularly,even if im not drawing as often as i should be/want to be (RL crap and other junk)
Cleo refference sheet
slight revamp/update/color adjust of my huge snake gal Cleo.
her color purple/orange coloration was a bit too much upon reflection,after tinkling with alot of shakes of purple/orange ended up dropping the purple all together and went for a more traditional coloration.

first thing about Cleo is pretty obvious,she big,she real big,son. Rather than eating large amounts of food every meal,Cleo will tend to just gorge herself to capacity and for a time just have more modest servings,this is mostly due to her snake-like biology,as such she could probably go for several weeks without a meal,if she wanted to,but she sees no reason to deny herself the luxury of food.
Cleo has a very high opinion of herself,and seems to be under the impression she is in some way related to ancient Egyptian rulers,though any actual evidence for such a thing is scant at best.Its generally better to just go along with it as she can show a temper that is in equal to her size.
Thankfully shes generally easy to please with flattery,its rather easy to appeal to her prideful nature and get on her good side,shiny gifts are also very effective.
She is also quite fond of jewelry,especially gold bands and gems,just dont offer her earrings
Happyswimsuitgoop by Arakasa
happy goop is happy,blorpin round the pool n sloshin side to side.
goobelle loves it when its time for a trip to the pool or beach,not only can she smother master when hes shirtless,but she can also go in the water,and wear cute swimsuits that shes far to fat to have any bsns being in :Y

master likes taking his girls to the beach too tho,so its fine if she breaks a few lounge chairs and rips some swimsuits.
pudgy proxy -com- by Arakasa
pudgy proxy -com-
commission for   wolfosworca of their chubby bun AI proxy being a fatty fat

"May was a bit too good to Proxy. Her base file size has ballooned to the point she can hardly catch her breath and she had to physically be forced to fit onto peoples phones now. She can't fit through doors, groaning and gasping for breath with each step she takes and sweating just standing.

Maybe you all need to stop feeding her so much unless you want her bigger?!

You'd not want that. Hehe. "

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